This is my Photo-a-day Manifesto

If I were grading this i would write “this isn’t the word you want” over manifesto. But since our instinct seldom knows how to say what it’s doing, I’m going to let it stand.

12/14/10: I wear socks with pompoms and listen to 1940’s Christmas eve radio broadcasts.  My fireplace is made of construction paper.  The sunsets early, but I am happily back lit through the snowy windows. Watch: like fireflies in a glass jar.


01/03/2010: I have a real blog, with words. It’s Called Food Snob on a Tuesday Night. But I don’t have time for that. It takes hours. I have dedication and no time; minutes and clock hands.

But right now is important in my life. In a matter of weeks I’ll be a whole year older, and teaching Twain and living out of a fresh set of walls.  I have always been against the fast easy. But this one here I think will help me slow down one hare.

So watch. Like fireflies in a glass jar.


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